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A luxury car launch by Lotus, powered by social

Their first new model in four years, Lotus wanted the Evora to be its most successful car launch ever. They were looking for a big upturn in overall sales. There was just one problem: sales had been flat for months. With the launch fast approaching, Lotus needed to rethink their marketing. That’s when they brought us in.


Rethinking social strategy

On the face of it, Lotus’s social media was doing well. Their primary lead generation tool was a digital car builder, which was great fun. But it didn’t shift cars. Their audience across social channels was engaged. But that didn’t translate to sales either.

We decided to delve into the data to discover what was really going on. And the figures showed that the Lotus marketing funnel was aimed at an audience unlikely or unable to buy a Lotus. In order to drive Evora sales, we’d have to rethink their entire social marketing strategy, reaching new buyers.


Our Approach


We took everything back to square one with a simple question: who buys a Lotus?

Working with Lotus dealers, we created a detailed profile of a Lotus driver using social data from previous customers. Unlike Lotus’s younger, petrolhead social media audience, the average Lotus car buyer is a wealthy, middle class 50+ man, interested in travel, track days and BMWs. This was the customer we needed to hyper-target through social media.



These insights led us to our launch campaign strategy focusing on potential buyers, not just enthusiasts. We created a simple, mobile-friendly landing page to generate leads. Then, we drove the right people to the site using social ads hyper-targeted to our ideal buyer.

The mobile site asked two simple questions: 1) Who are you? And 2) What car do you drive? We then worked with the Lotus sales teams and agreed to target those who owned BMWs. It was simple, strategic and smart.


The Results

Within tight constraints, we helped Lotus generate a solid increase in test drives, which converted into a big upturn in sales at launch.

By resetting their social strategy, we set the right strategic direction. And we gave Lotus the social tools needed to keep growing sales through smart social marketing. For a company that was initially marketing to the wrong audience, this was game-changing.