Social Media Trends For 2019

Social Media Trends For 2019 Now that we’re all nicely settled into 2019, we’ve been looking ahead to the trends we think will be the most impactful on social this year. So, without further ado - let’s get stuck in:   1: MICRO-INFLUENCERS Starting off with one of the...

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#10YearChallenge – What’s changed in social media

#10Year Challenge - What’s changed in social media Social is changing at such a rapid pace, that you may find it hard to recall the last 3 Facebook updates, let alone what it looked like 10 years ago. While the internet is in a frenzy of #10yearchallenge selfies,...

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Advice for 2019

How can you up your social media game in 2019? We’ve asked several Carvers what they think is important for companies and brands to recognise when planning their social content. Here’s some advice from the team on how to make sure your social media strategy is the...

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Shifting the perception from social media ‘weak’… #SocialMediaWeek illustrates how far we’ve come...and how far we have to go Today marks the start of Social Media Week in London. Social Media Week began in 2009 as a movement: a bunch of us Cluetrain Manifesto...

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Social Seniors

Social Seniors Why are brands ignoring the wealthiest and fastest growing audience on social media? What many companies fail to realise when creating their social media strategies, is there is a group on social media that is often left to fall under the radar: the...

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Why Quality Beats Quantity on Social

Why Quality Beats Quantity on Social Winning strategies in today's algorithm-powered attention economy Back in 2006, when social media was in its infancy, many of us went by the mantra “be nice, be active, be everywhere”. The ‘shelf-life’ of a piece of social content...

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