Why it’s time to take social seriously

Why it's time to take social seriously Brand leaders, here’s how to avoid Chukking away your brand’s reputation on socialChange UK - The Independent Group (TIG), the new political party founded by Chuka Umunna, Heidi Allen and co, state their message loud and clear...

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Wellness in the workplace

Wellness in the workplace According to Mind, a UK based mental health charity - your mental wellbeing “...describes your mental state - how you are feeling and how well you can cope with day-to-day life.” As we often find, day-to-day life can get pretty hectic. We all...

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Should brands pull pranks

Should brands pull pranks So it’s that time of the year again when we watch out for the funniest and most convincing April Fool’s from friends, family and brands alike. 1st April brings about fake engagements, “free petrol” offers and the inventions of crazy,...

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Reddit: The front page of the Internet

Reddit: The front page of the Internet In 2018, Reddit overtook Facebook to become the 3rd most visited website in the USA for a few months. It currently ranks as #6 according to Alexa, and has the highest average daily time on site of any of the Top 50.But what...

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Social Media Trends For 2019

Social Media Trends For 2019 Now that we’re all nicely settled into 2019, we’ve been looking ahead to the trends we think will be the most impactful on social this year. So, without further ado - let’s get stuck in:   1: MICRO-INFLUENCERS Starting off with one of...

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#10YearChallenge – What’s changed in social media

#10Year Challenge - What’s changed in social media Social is changing at such a rapid pace, that you may find it hard to recall the last 3 Facebook updates, let alone what it looked like 10 years ago. While the internet is in a frenzy of #10yearchallenge selfies,...

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Advice for 2019

How can you up your social media game in 2019? We’ve asked several Carvers what they think is important for companies and brands to recognise when planning their social content. Here’s some advice from the team on how to make sure your social media strategy is the...

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Shifting the perception from social media ‘weak’… #SocialMediaWeek illustrates how far we’ve come...and how far we have to go Today marks the start of Social Media Week in London. Social Media Week began in 2009 as a movement: a bunch of us Cluetrain Manifesto...

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