Do your organisation’s most visible people have a voice on social? Connected Leaders is a programme created especially to equip your leaders with the tools, understanding and confidence to create meaningful relationships on social.

From Branson to Sandberg… a leader’s voice carries huge weight.

But Branson’s bold brand and Sandberg’s social success is built on good thinking, planning and experience.

Get it right and a connected leader can help amplify your organisation’s purpose, build your brand’s reputation, attract customers and talent.

Boost your brand’s reputation – Amplify your brand’s purpose and strategy, empowering your leaders to use their voices and become high profile advocates of your brand.

Engage and inspire – Inform and influence your employees, followers, industry peers and the wider world on social; leading to a more engaged workforce and inspiring people to take action.

People buy people – Gain trust amongst your customers and future candidates by bringing your leaders to the fore to humanise your key messages.

Connected Leaders

Giving leaders a voice on social for over ten years

We’ve been working with leaders from some of the world’s leading organisations since Twitter’s Jack Dorsey sent the first Tweet. We’ve helped them reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time. And our experience means we know what really creates value, what doesn’t and what’s next.


Why become connected?

Whether you’re hiring talent, looking to amplify your brand’s purpose or create a voice during times of change, Connected Leaders can support your organisation.

From hiring manager to talent magnet – Create respected voices of authority by talking about the issues people want to hear and attract like-minded people who match your values and are engaged in your vision.

Lead the conversation on social – Engage with the media, key people of influence and industry peers. Create another method of communicating in times of organisational and global change. Use your leaders as mouthpieces for where your organisation is heading.

Inspire and connect with your employees – Help your leaders reach your colleagues, increasing brand advocacy and employee engagement inside your organisation. Employees sharing content from one of your leaders will also increase readership and add more weight to your key messages.

Our five step leadership program

Discovery – Here, we’ll learn all about the leader involved, as well as your objectives, challenges and processes you have in place.

Essential updates – Based on those objectives, we’ll do a full social media audit, uncovering what it will take to increase your leader’s influence on social.

Building a network – We’ll work closely with your brand, marketing and communication teams to help your leader connect and network in the best way to maximise impact.

Thought-leadership – Once we’ve built a network, we’ll create strategic thought-leadership content via LinkedIn updates, in-depth posts and videos.

Targeting – We’ll increase your leader’s profile further with hyper-targeted, paid media spend to boost visibility and reach.

Connected Leaders

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