Readtime: 6 min approx
Auth: Dotty Hughes

Ask any group about their perfect Christmas day, or Christmas dinner and there’s always conflict. Even asking the Carve office’s go-to festive starters produced a list of absolute must-haves from salmon and melon to chestnut soup! Personally, I’ve never had either, and generally have no starter whatsoever. Having said this, I believe that there are certain universal truths in the formula for a perfect Christmas. 

Every social agency wants their campaigns to be the pièce de résistance. Every family wants their Christmas dinner to be the pièce de résistance. Tasked with writing a festive themed blog – why not apply the recipe for the perfect Christmas to your social strategy in 2020? 


Prep your parsnips

A Christmas Dinner without a game plan, or preparation, would be disastrous. The best way to smash Christmas is by learning from previous mistakes. At what point did the potatoes burn? Was the turkey too small for Boxing Day leftover sandwiches? Did the brussel sprouts go down like a ton of bricks? You can improve and refine from insights much like with a social campaign. What went well last year? Did Twitter have an abnormally high CPC? If so, it needs some work or… scrapping entirely. You shouldn’t go into either blind, without preparation and forethought, or learning from previous experiences. 


Time your turkey

Stuff up the timings and a dry turkey might just ruin your Christmas! Timing is equally important in social, especially when posting organically. In the same way monitoring is vital. Don’t let the gravy bubble away for two hours, don’t let a budget spend for two days without checking its progress. Lumpy gravy and a hypothetical poor ROI could be your reality! Calculate and research when to post what, as you would when cooking.


Crack(l)ing content

There’s oodles of variety when it comes to Christmas dinner. From parsnips to sprouts, turkeys to mushroom wellingtons, cranberry to bread sauce. Your content should reflect this variety. Carousels, GIFs, videos, polls, statics and even text posts. Keep it exciting, mix it up, make your social strategy varied and unforgettable!


Splendid spreads

What is a Christmas feast without an impressive display? A quality dinner needs quality presentation. It’s got a signature look, as should your campaigns. Some predicted trends this year suggest that muted colour palettes, minimalistic and abstract illustrations, kinetic text alongside branded animations should be your go-tos. 


Target your taters

Targeting is undoubtedly vital. There’s no point cooking your Christmas dinner in Cardiff if your family is in Leeds (joking). Know your audience, do your research. If half the family are veggies – you’d cater to them! Target your campaigns as you’d target your meals. Gone are the days where we push out adverts to everyone and hope the right people see them. Tailor your campaigns for your audience and then target them specifically – and don’t be afraid of tweaking as the campaign progresses. 


Gift tags 

Have you ever thanked the wrong person for a gift? Or forgotten entirely who got you what? An easily avoidable error. Tag and track your campaigns as you would your gifts. Not only is saying thanks important but you can learn a lot about an individual from their gift purchases, similarly to UTM tracking or Pixels. If you can trace the user journey, to ultimately refine it and make your life easier – why wouldn’t you?


Gravy greatness

One universal truth in terms of the perfect Christmas is the gravy. Simply, every element of your meal is elevated with the addition of gravy. This is where our paid media budget comes in. Elevate your social campaigns. Yes it could still be great without but why risk it? Don’t underestimate the power of gravy on social! 


Boxing day

For many, Boxing Day is spent reflecting upon and sharing stories of your Christmas day, the highs and the lows. The post campaign analysis is our metaphorical Boxing Day. Here, we can take learnings for next time to ultimately improve, and make the most out of next Christmas and your next campaign!


Merry Christmas!