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Building one of the world’s most attractive talent brands on social

The professional services industry is changing. Technology is transforming the services these firms provide, and how they deliver them. To survive and thrive, the Big 4 accountancy firms need to radically re-imagine their employee value propositions and brands, appealing to a new generation of tech / STEM talent.

But professional services has an ongoing perception problem. Many science, technology, engineering, maths (and arts) students still see Big Four businesses as stuffy, old fashioned accountancy firms. Yet our client – with its wide range of exciting work in innovation and technology, contribute towards solving some of the world’s toughest problems – is far from old fashioned.

How could we help them use social and strategic brand communications to compete with the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon for talent – whilst changing the perception of a career in professional services?


A campaign in 12 countries

Our brief was to focus on attracting the best STEM graduates from 12 countries including China, India and Russia. Our measure of success was Universum, a global ranking system that measures how attractive employers are to students.


Our Approach


We thought about what our audience cared about. Their challenges. The uncertainty currently surrounding the future of work created by AI, automation and the gig economy. While other employers focused on VR headsets, drones and tech-related imagery to attract candidates from tech backgrounds, instead, we stirred emotions by talking about our changing world.



To highlight our clients’ work in innovation and to empower graduates, we used bold headlines to encourage our audience to think about the #FutureOfWork. Our campaign was centred around big questions such as “Will automation accelerate your career or stall it?”. To complement this, we used bold images of people and developed an immersive digital experience.


Driving engagement

To get the right people to the site, we targeted our #FutureOfWork campaign at soon-to-be STEM graduates from a number of universities. Our campaign ran through Facebook and Instagram, which is where our research suggested we’d have the most success. Then, working with in-house recruiters, we trained teams of client’s employees and brand advocates on how to start conversations with students and recent graduates.


The results

Our client is now seen as the world’s most attractive professional services employer by top STEM talent. Its Universum ranking among STEM students has increased by 24%.

So far, the campaign has been seen by over 2 million viewers across 143 countries, gaining 43,000 minutes of engagement through film and interactive content.