How can you up your social media game in 2019?

We’ve asked several Carvers what they think is important for companies and brands to recognise when planning their social content. Here’s some advice from the team on how to make sure your social media strategy is the best it can be in 2019:

Jessi, Account Manager

If your brand isn’t using Instagram Stories, then you could be missing out on a huge revenue/awareness boost. Instagram keeps bringing out new ways to shop on the platform and with more people than ever preferring Stories to content on the feed, its time brands utilised the vertical video format to its attention-grabbing best.

Deri, Videographer

While most brands are now using social media to their advantage, I think a key tactic is to have a clear ‘running order’ – posting the same content theme on each day each week gives the viewer something to look forward to and gives the brand’s posts more structure e.g. VO5 consistently posting their #transformationtuesdays and #mancrushmondays means viewers know what to expect and what they want to engage with.

Matt, Analytics

In a crowded marketplace for brands in this space, demonstrating how effective your campaign has been has never been more contentious. In 2019, the ways in which we believe that brands can improve their social media game best is to root any campaign in the business metrics that matter most to them, whether it be hiring/lead generation/ticket sales. Generating impressions, engagements and conversations are the 1st step to success, not the success in and of themselves.

Paul, CEO

Get back to basics. Social should be a conversation, but much corporate social media is a monologue. Creating a dialogue allows brands to build trust at scale: that should be the starting point for any organisation.

Hand over the mic. Trust in governments and organisations is at an all time low. Brands need to cut-through fake news and doubt by empowering leaders, employees, customers and influencers as trust agents.

Follow the money. Most serious organisations invest in social – but few track the return on that investment. That needs to change by using analytics to track ROI.

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