Many organisations run tactical campaigns focused on specific results. But very few make the crucial link between their social activity and business success.

Whether you’re looking to position your organisation as a top destination for talent or increase consumer trust in your brand, we’ll help you put purpose behind your social presence.



Using social to reposition a Big Tobacco business

Big tobacco brands face significant communications challenges, operating in a highly charged political and regulatory operating space. Because of this, many avoided having a presence on social. Our client, one of the world’s largest companies by market capitalisation, had warned its employees against using social media because of the apparent inherent risks it posed. Neither did they maintain any ‘owned’ channels. Their presence was non-existent – a vacuum, shaped by everyone apart from themselves.

But what do you do if you want to convert the world toward a smoke-free future? And what if you want to attract the world class talent to drive that transformation?

You have to start with social: it’s where opinions are formed, employer brands and corporate reputations are built … or broken.

Carve is trusted by world-leading organisations to design and deploy the social strategies that help provide them with the edge in today’s attention economy. So we were a natural choice to help this organisation build a sophisticated global influence and engaging social strategy.


Our Approach


To begin, we convened stakeholders from across Talent Acquisition and Corporate Communications in order to set meaningful social objectives, build target audiences, define the content strategy and identify risks. We set measures against competitors, created processes for managing communities and identified the people we wanted to reach and influence – including journalists, bloggers, employees, government policy makers, industry stakeholders, NGOs, scientists, and MBA graduates from the world’s most prestigious universities.

Having developed detailed social personas, we designed the social content strategy and messaging framework, tailored for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Glassdoor.



Globally Led, Locally Fed

We built a conversational content delivery model using a globally led, locally fed approach, where we empowered local markets to tell their stories whilst tying them together with global corporate and talent messaging. This created compelling copy and visuals that stayed true to our client’s global objectives. We then built communities by training and empowering employee advocates who’d share our content. We also targeted audiences using impactful, promoted content, measuring and optimising our approach using Carve DASH, our realtime social analytics suite.

Leveraging our Sprinklr expertise and our experience of working in highly-regulated environments, we created a robust and streamlined community management plan for escalating negative public responses that would avoid weeks of legal approval, turning a monologue into a genuine dialogue around a smoke-free future.


The Results

Beginning from zero, we built engaged global talent, industry influencer and consumer communities of more than 1.6 million people.

Our client became the most active, engaging and talked about tobacco brand in the world, regularly outperforming some of the world’s most well known consumer brands.